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As a member of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce, you have the opportunity to serve on a variety of committees. This is an excellent way to network with other members, serve our community, and address business interests and issues. Committee members, in cooperation with the Chamber Board of Directors, are decision makers for Chamber policies and positions.

Some committees meet monthly while others serve at the call of the Chair. Committee communications such as meeting notices and notes are sent via email.  The following committees are limited in size: Finance; Nominating; Strategic Planning; and Building.    We will contact you to confirm your appointment.

The remaining committees have an open enrollment and you can join or resign from them at any time. To join a committee, email your interest to wschamber@wschamber.org.


Business & Industry Night

Chair: Jody Lewis                               Vice-Chair: Pam Holzman                    Staff Liaison: Margaret Abel

The Business & Industry Night Committee plans and carries out the Chamber's annual fall Business & Industry Night trade show.


Economic Development & Transportation Committee

Chair: Jamie Keener                                                                                    Staff Liaison: George Book

The Economic Development & Transportation Committee works on projects that ensure the future economic viability of the West Shore and enhance the quality of life for its citizens.  This committee also serves as a resource to identify and educate members on issues and information that will foster economic development in the community. The Committee's Partnerships in Motion program assigns members to small groups that meet monthly to confidentially discuss business issues and serve as a sounding board for new initiatives or challenges.


Golf Committee

Chair: Angela Tatum                             Vice-Chair: Zeddie Neidig                    Staff Liaison: Margaret Abel

The Golf Committee members plan and carry out the Chamber's annual spring golf outing.  


Governmental Affairs Committee

Chair: Tammy Shearer                           Vice-Chair: Jade Herbst                      Staff Liaison:  George Book

The Governmental Affairs Committee reviews and recommends to the Board, policy positions on legislative issues relating to interests and concerns of our members and promotes good government throughout the region. The committee also hosts discussion groups and speakers to provide insight on the activities of our state and local government.  


Membership Committee

Chair: Don Gay                                Vice-Chair: JP Shaw                                Staff Liaison: Krystin Blauch

The Membership Committee supports the Chamber's efforts to develop new members and retain existing members. Members of this committee also serve as Member Mentors who help to facilitate networking with new members and periodically reach out to members for feedback on membership benefits.


Military Liaison & Veterans' Affairs

Chair: Steve Wilt                                   Vice-Chair: Fred Lovelace                        Staff Liaison: George Book

The Military Liaison & Veterans' Affairs Committee fosters positive relationships and facilitates communications between local military installations, governmental officials, veterans' organizations and the local business community.   


Nonprofit Committee

Chair:  Andy Green                               Vice-Chair: Jennifer Doyle                        Staff Liaison: George Book

The Nonprofit Committee connects the nonprofit community and the business community through education programs, resources, volunteer connections, and by providing a forum for strategic alliances and collaborative efforts between non- and for-profit entities.


Program Committee

Chair: Sam Jones                                                                                              Staff Liaison: Margaret Abel

The Program Committee acts as a sounding board for planning, coordinating and evaluating past, present and future Chamber programs and events, based on input from committees and general Chamber membership and makes recommendations to the Board.


Public Relations & Marketing

Chair: Kristen Allardyce                                                                                        Staff Liaison: Jorden Smith

The members of the Public Relations & Marketing Committee develop and recommend strategies for internal Chamber Committees as well as branding the Chamber externally in order to grow membership. 


Women in Business Roundtable Committee

Chair: Lita Heckler                                                                                              Staff Liaison: Margaret Abel

The Women in Business Roundtable Committee develops innovative programs and events to enhance professional growth and networking opportunities for all Chamber members.






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